Yoga is no longer for the faint-hearted

Yoga is no longer for the faint-hearted

Aerial yoga is something everyone needs to try

I was excited about aerial yoga. I imagined it would be really fun, and after seeing pictures of people effortlessly hanging in these wonderful hammocks, I was really intrigued.

Aerial Yoga London didn’t disappoint. Hidden in the basement of a Whitechapel townhouse, the studio has four silk hammocks, providing a truly intimate atmosphere.

Four students to one teacher is a great ratio. 7 Reasons You Should Give Aerial Yoga A Try.

What it’s like

We started off by lying in the hammock. This was a little weird at first, and I wasn’t entirely sure how I was supposed to get in. But once inside the hammock, it was one of the most relaxing experiences you could imagine. A bit like being in a cocoon.

We warmed up slowly. As soon as I relaxed into the hammock I was able to let gravity help me fall deeper into the moves. The more I relaxed, the easier the yoga became.

A particular highlight for me was going upside down into a backbend. I was a little scared to let go at first, but it turned out the hammock could hold me. Imagine that!

The class was slow and relaxing, and the instructor Ivonne had a very therapeutic approach. She was a nurse for 20 years, so you know you’re in safe hands.

It was a lot easier than I thought it was to do the sort of the really basic things well. But any off-alignment or poor balance is accentuated by the hammock, meaning I swung about a bit.

What you need

You don’t need anything other than yourself. Turn up in leggings and a vest that won’t fall on your face when you go upside down and you’ll be fine.

What they promise

‘With the weight of the body supported, students learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort. Producing a peaceful state of mind and a wonderful feeling of lightness in the body.’

OMQ verdict

Aerial yoga is fun and relaxing and a great way to exercise, particularly if you are worried about putting too much pressure on joints. If you want to be a bit more daring, there’s also a dynamic class.

I walked away feeling very zen (but not like I’d had a huge workout). Definitely recommend.