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Do you have crooked teeth? Are you embarrassed to show your smile? It’s never too late to perfect your smile – just ask the increasing number of adults who are rushing to try braces for adults. Braces for adults can improve your jaw line, which can improve your bite, how you chew, and how you speak. Even after you have stopped growing, you can improve your dental health with adult braces for greater self confidence, greater self esteem, and greater quality of life. 

Braces for Adults Can Improve Your Smile

Braces are no longer just for teens. In fact, one in five patients is adult orthodontic patients. Many adults are choosing to receive orthodontic treatment because they understand the importance of maintaining their dental health. Improving your smile with adult braces can help you to feel better about your appearance. What can an orthodontist do for you?

Adults everywhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive braces for adults, and now you can too.

The Choice of Invisible Braces

Smarter Train-Track Braces Technology

Many dentists across the UK use the new iTero system to create a shorter, more accurate, individualised treatment plan for your train-track braces.

iTero is a revolutionary orthodontic system that utilises advanced computer guidance technology to assist your orthodontist in creating the ideal smile for you.

Dentists use iTero treatment solutions to bring you exceptional accuracy when placing the brackets. The iTero system uses a customised bonding tray with brackets to achieve optimum results. We use the iTero system in combination with Damon braces including Damon Clear, as well as metal train-track braces, and porcelain clear braces.

Shorter, more accurate braces treatment

Benefits of iTero are a shorter time span wearing the braces, less time and fewer trips to the office for bonding and adjustments. If you are interested in Damon braces, train-track braces, or clear braces, we can offer you excellent customised service.